Postcards from Causeway Bay

Many of the best ideas come from daily life. If so, my recent trip to Causeway Bay would suggest that one ought to revisit (1) tourism and consumption play, and (2) Korean and global cosmetics. On a lighter note, fighting through the crowds also entails two of the five love languages. Happy Mother’s Day.


There is a story that famed investor Peter Lynch got some of his best ideas from daily life. Supposedly, what led to his investment in Hanes was his wife’s comments about how good L’eggs pantyhose were. There was probably a lot of subsequent research and due diligence but the initial idea generation was from daily life.

People mountain, people sea

Well, I have just returned from Causeway Bay and wanted to share three photos that I took. As you can see from the crowds below, tourism and consumption appears to have returned full force to Hong Kong.



So, what are some key takeaways from the above:

  • Check out tourism and consumption plays – I know part of the crowds was due to a special annual event taking place at this department store but you just cannot ignore the size of the crowds.
  • Very high demand for cosmetics – I was only on two floors but from what I gather, the crowds were biggest on the cosmetic counters. The Korean and European brands had the longest queues. This would seem to validate an earlier idea which was despite the geopolitical issues, there should be demand for good products and strong brands.

Two out of the five love languages

On a lighter and non-financial investment related note, Dr. Gary Chapman talks about the Five Love Languages. These are (1) Words of Affirmation, (2) Quality Time, (3) Receiving Gifts, (4) Acts of Service, and (5) Physical Touch.


Having fought through the crowds to get the one thing that my spouse requested, I think I can check off two of the five love languages and this ought to bring my standing back to the “friend” side of “frenemies”.

Happy Mother’s Day!